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JVC DLA-X570RB (4K eShift Resolution) + 108″ EluneVision Reference Studio 4K Fixed Frame (3.5″)

$5,999.99 $4,999.99

  • Screen has been discounted by 50% from $999.99
  • We guarantee the lowest price on this projector – we guarantee we beat all our competitors’ prices
  • 400,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range / HLR (Hybrid Log Gamma) Compatibility
  • 1800 lumens
  • $475 Professional ISF/THX professional calibration add-on available (click for more info)
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Product Description

This projector is available for viewing in our Oakville, Ontario demo room, along with all of the most popular projectors on the market today, at guaranteed best prices in Canada. Click here for more info on our demo room time/location.

This package includes a Reference 4K screen of your choice coupled with the JVC DLA-X570R projector, with ceiling mount.

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This is the best performance package discount one can get in fixed-frame format.  Simply speaking, it is practically a waste of money to spend money on an 1080p or 4K projector without getting a Reference-quality screen – Reference Studio 4K screens have zero texture, zero pixel-degredation, zero hot-spotting, and have near-perfect color accuracy and color uniformity. Do not make the mistake of making the screen an after-thought – no matter how high the performance of your projector, the outputted image can only be as good as the screen that you output it on allows it to be. In other words, the screen will make a massive world of difference on any 1080p/4K projector whether buying an Epson 5030 or a JVC DLA-X570R Projector.

And now, with the EluneVision Reference Studio 4K screen being 3X+ less expensive than any  competing Reference screen, there is no excuse to go with a non-Reference screen. To see independent reviews by professional users and websites (including a test review where our $999.99 Reference Studio 4K screen outperforms the high-end $3300 Draper Silhouette Signature Series E screen) click here: Link
Reference Studio 4K Fixed-Frame Full Feature Description:

Reference Studio 4K Tab-Tensioned Full Feature Description:

Below is a short description of the features of this screen.

  • If you feel this screen is not as good or better than the multiple times more expensive Stewart Reference Studio 100 or Da-Lite JKP Affinity, return it for a full refund
  • absolutely no hot spotting or texturing
  • screen material perfect lambertian diffuser, giving a perfect image at any angle
  • perfectly smooth screen surface means that no integrity and resolution of 1080P 2D or 3D images is lost
  • whereas other screens have texturing and thus effectively down-convert your 1080P projector to a lower resolution, this screen not only maintains 1080P
    integrity, but is 4K ready, giving you the best performance, both today and tomorrow
  • thick 5″ aluminum frame frame with borders with extremely dense velvet add to the luxury of the screen
    (Reference Studio 4K Fixed-Frame)
  • down limit allows you to program the screen to automatically stop unrolling at the precise point you want
    (Reference Studio 4K Tab-Tensioned)
  • optional wireless trigger allows for screen to be lowered automatically when projector is turned on
    (Reference Studio 4K Tab-Tensioned)
  • excellent white field uniformity with perfect color accuracy
  • entirely neutral material color means no color shifts are present
  • the combination of maximum luxury, performance and price means this screen will be unrivalled by fixed-frame screens of any other brand at even close to this price point
  • 5 year warranty (Reference Studio 4K fixed-frame) and 3 year warranty (Reference Studio 4K Tab-Tensioned) against all manufacturing defects

Performance Equal to the Best

The performance of the Reference Studio 4K series is equal to some of the best purposefully designed HD materials. These include Stewart’s Studiotek 100, 130 and Da-Lite’s JKP Affinity. The Reference Studio 4K 100 material is equal to these material in terms of sharpness, resolution, detail clarity, white field uniformity, and viewing angle. The screen also does not suffer any of the drawbacks of lesser-name screens such as graininess, texturing, and hot spotting. The Reference Studio 4K 5” frames single-handedly beats much more prestigious brands which only offer 1.5” to 3” frames, far too narrow for a screen of the EluneVision Reference 4K caliber.

Superior Value

The value of the Reference Studio 4K series is far superior to that of competitors. We offer the same video performance with much greater quality frames for less than a third our performance competitors prices. In terms of value and performance, the Reference Studio 4K line stands alone.

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (on
the Reference Studio 4K Screen only, not the projector – as there are
hundreds of independent reviews for projectors) – We
Even Pay For Return Shipping.


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