Continental Phoenix Theater Seating


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  • Leather
  • Multiple Arrangements available
  • Power Optional
  • Memory Foam Available
  • Price is per Chair

Product Description

Each piece of handcrafted home theater and multi-media seating we build must earn the Continental Seating brand before it is delivered to your home. We are the manufacturer, which ensures the highest quality, sublime customer service, and control over all aspects of manufacturing.

Continental Seating manufactures and sells high quality, custom-made leather media chairs, sofas and other home theater furniture.

The Phoenix theater seating is among Continentals great chairs and each one comes with the stamp of approval for quality before leaving the shop. Available in single chairs or multiple chairs, the Genre makes a great addition to any theater room.

For some added value on your Phoenix seat, add in the memory foam for your back and seat and never worry about the having to get comfortable again. The foam will give you the utmost comfort in your theater chairs, allowing you to have a movie marathon.

Whether you’re looking for other styles of home theater seating or looking to pair these with your projector setup, Eastporters has everything you need at the best prices.

Continental Seating is a Texas based manufacturer of theater seating. They have several different brands they sell under, including Bravo, GrandTier, Titan and CenterStage. They have thousands of different fabric, leather and color combinations available across a wide range of seating styles