Definitive Technology W9 Wireless Black Speaker

MSRP: $1,299.95

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  • Fill your larger rooms with the robust sound of the Definitive Technology W9 flagship audiophile-grade wireless speaker
  • Easily connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network for an incredibly detailed and rich wireless music streaming experience anywhere in your home
  • Control all of your music through your phone, tablet or computer through the Definitive Technology app


Product Description

The W9 is Definitive Technology’s flagship audiophile-grade wireless speaker. Created for audio aficionados with unrelenting performance expectations, the W9 delivers exceptional dynamic range and extraordinary bass response. Transducers on the front baffle and on both sides of the enclosure create a “Tri-Polar” dispersion pattern that radiates sound off of the surrounding walls. Definitive Technology, part of the DEI holdings group, is well known for innovative speaker designs with award-winning sound quality. Founded by Sandy Gross and later sold, Definitive Technology has continued the legacy of designing and manufacturing high-quality speaker systems that are held in high regard. Recently, Definitive Technology entered the wireless speaker market, with its Wireless Collection of products that includes the W Studio (a soundbar and subwoofer combo), the W Amp (which converts any standard speaker to a wireless speaker), the W Adapt (which allows existing audio systems to stream audio wirelessly), and finally the W9 ($699) and W7 ($399) powered, self-contained wireless speakers. The Wireless Collection promises lossless wireless audio streaming from smartphones, tablets, and PC computers to any product in the line. I put the W9 and W7 through a variety of situations in my home, and the results surprised me.

Add serious sound to any (and every) room in your house

Imagine coming home after work, cueing up a song on your smartphone, and sending it to speakers throughout your home. Definitive Technology’s W multi-room music system makes this a reality. Their W9 wireless speaker can form the basis of your wireless system, or simply stand on its own as an excellent and elegant music player. Connect it to your Wi-Fi® network, control it with your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll be enjoying a wealth of music in minutes. Add more speakers or components to play different songs in each room, or stream the same tune everywhere in party mode. You’ll quickly discover that convenience doesn’t trump sound quality in this high-performance speaker.

Play loads of music wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet

The Definitive Technology W9 offers lots of ways to listen to music. A free app for Apple® and Android™ is your hub for accessing music stored on your smartphone or tablet. You can also stream music from networked computers and music servers. If you’re one of the millions of Spotify® Premium subscribers, Spotify Connect lets you access all your favorite albums and playlists. There’s built-in support for Pandora® Internet radio and SiriusXM (SiriusXM requires Android device; iOS support coming in 2015). Plus, you can choose from over 37,000 free Internet radio streams, for a nearly endless supply of music and other programming.

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