Sony TA-A1ES High-Resolution Audio Stereo Amplifier


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  • 80W + 80W Output
  • High-Resolution Audio Compatible
  • Balanced Audio Input
  • Push-Pull, High-Current Class A Circuit
  • FET Input Buffer for Reduced Distortion
  • SEPP Amplifier
  • 5 Analog Audio Inputs
  • Headphone Output
  • Speaker Output
  • Rigid Component Construction
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Product Description

The TA-A1ES High-Resolution Audio Stereo Amplifier from Sony utilizes a frame/beam/base chassis that produces a high power output, and bias that’s intuitively controlled by and linked to volume position. Employing FET input and buffer circuits that enhance performance, the amplifier’s optimum gain volume control combines electronic volume with a discrete buffer amplifier, allowing it to reduce gain error and produce sound quality superior to conventional volume controls. It is designed with a single pair of transistors to eliminate variations in each channel at the source, as well as variation controlling emitter resistance, allowing the transistors to drive the speakers directly, for a more character-free sound quality. The TA-A1ES has a power amp stage featuring smart bias control for Class-A operation and single push-pull hi-current amplifier.

High-Resolution Audio
A field-effect transistor (FET) input buffer delivers enhanced sound quality with low distortion. Hear every detail of the song with final stage circuitry that produces a high power output, and bias that’s intuitively controlled by and linked to volume position
Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) Technology
With Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology, you can hear all your music – even compressed files – in quality closer to the original recording
Make a Secure Connection
The screw-type terminals and shaved pin, 18mm pitch jack ensure a secure fit between the amp and your components, reducing the chances of sound degradation
Single Push-Pull Amplifier
This amplifier achieves dynamic output by using a single push-pull amplifier. The power amplifying stage, which determines sound quality, consists of a single pair of transistors, eliminating the emitter resistance used by conventional amplifiers to suppress overheating. The transistor output drives the speaker directly, reproducing sound with less undesired character
Independent HP-AMP
To reflect the growing popularity of premium-quality headphones, this amp includes a discrete amp with gain optimized to match headphone impedance
Optimum Gain Volume Control
The electronic volume with a buffer amp enhances the overall sound quality by reducing the gain error experienced by conventional amps
Large Speaker Terminals
The terminals of this amplifier minimize sound quality deterioration. Y-lugs and speaker wires can be tied securely
Converting Analog to Digital
High-res audio converts analog sound to digital at a higher rate than CDs, producing sound at 24-bit / 192 kHz, compared to CDs at 16-bit / 44.1 kHz
A frame beam base chassis has been developed for the stereo amplifier. By combining a conventional frame beam chassis with a transformer base, the frame is more stabilized, reproducing better sound with less overall distortion
FET Input Buffer
The TA-A1ES has been fitted with an FET input buffer and a discrete circuit for the pre-amp. They produce the sharpness and detail that High-Resolution Audio brings to your music with minimal distortion
Simplified Circuitry
The TA-A1ES has simplified the circuitry of the amplifier’s final stage by reducing transistors and eliminating the emitter resister, coil, and capacitor. The result is a high power output with low distortion, so you can listen with your High-Resolution Audio files without a loss in sound quality
Intelligent Controls
The TA-A1ES intelligently controls the bias by a volume position to heighten the sound quality
Additional Features
Number of amp. channels: 2-channel
4 ohm / 8 ohm switching
OP processing
Auto standby
Energy saving features