Valencia Syracuse Manual Seating – each

5 out of 5 Valencia Syracuse Manual Seating – each
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  • Cupholders
  • Canadian design
  • Extremely reliable recline mechanism with two recline positions
  • Top quality Leather Air
  • Storage compartment in every arm
  • Breaks down in to 2 pieces for ease of moving up or down the stairs
  • Ergonomically designed with proper support
  • Wall-hugging design
  • Solid wood/metal frames
  • Additional lumbar padding
  • Additional charges may apply for remote areas
  • Standard Delivery is included with the chairs. Tail gate means that the truck driver will allow the use of the tailgate (lift at the back of the truck) to bring down the chairs to floor level. Inside delivery means that the truck driver will help the receiver of the chairs bring them inside the door of the house.

Product Description

Valencia Syracuse seats are designed by the best Italian furniture craftsman to create seating that is both luxurious and comfortable. The chairs are ergonomically designed taking into account that natural posture of the human back. This means that the chairs are extremely comfortable for hours of relaxation, while watching your favorite movies or playing your favorite games. The chairs use a manual reclined mechanism rated for over 30,000 recline cycles. The chairs use a natural wood and metal construction that is extremely sturdy and will keep its shape for years to come.

The foam padding is designed specially to tailor to the contours of your body while maintaining its shape. All of Valencia’s chairs are designed with your back in mind so that extra padding is included in the lumbar regions to provide lumbar support.

Whether you’re looking to put these seats in your living room or use as home theater seating with your projector, Valencia offers you to bask in the luxury and comfort for years to come.

Cup Holder
The cup holders are designed to give you maximum convinience, preventing spills while not taking away from the sleek look of the home theater chairs.



Neck Pillow (Optional Add-On)
This universal neck pillow is compatible with all home theater seats, and has a fully adjustable height. It is a beautiful and luxurious way to give your neck the support it needs in order to enjoy your home theater entertainment for long hours without fatigue. It is an excellent addition to any home theater seat.


Wall-Hugging Design
The wall-hugging design of all our seats ensures that the seats can be placed very close to your wall, virtually eliminating the wasting of space in your room.


Ergonomically Designed with Proper Support
TheaterOne seating is designed with high quality, high resiliency foam materials, which means that the chairs hold their shape, year after year. Furthermore, the foam in the seat back cushion is chosen to be comfortable yet ergonomic, maximizing the enjoyment of your theater while minimizing fatigue. The seat rest is designed with special, high density foam that will be supportive yet remain in great shape throughout the lifetime of the seating.

The Most Durable Leather Air
The Verona manual recline seats use only the most durable leather air, which means that the leather air will last for years of normal use. Not all leather air is created equal, most leather air will begin show signs of wear very quickly. At Valencia, we make sure only the best leather air is used in the construction of the seats.

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Canadian Warranty Advantage
Valencia home theater seats come with a 1 year Canadian warranty (as opposed to a U.S. warranty), where we go above and beyond our competition by covering the shipping back to you for free. These are two extremely important distinctions, as many customers are surprised to find out that:


With most seating companies being U.S. based, the customer is fully responsible to pay for international shipping of the seat to the U.S. for repairs, and the customer is fully responsible to pay international shipping of the seat back to Canada after it has been repaired. This is numerous times more expensive than shipping the seat to Canada, and is generally almost as expensive as simply buying a new seat. As a Canadian resident, you essentially have no warranty in this scenario.
the vast majority of Canadian seating companies do not cover shipping back to the customer for free. We cover the full cost of shipping back to the customer, making our warranty the best in the business.