VAVA Chroma UST 4K Laser Projector + EluneVision 8K Reference Ultra Short Throw NanoEdge Package

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  • Includes a EluneVision 8K Reference UST NanoEdge screen coupled with the VAVA Chroma projector
  • Ultra-slim 0.4” velour-wrapped bezel with LED ambient light surround
  • Do not make the mistake of making the screen an after-thought – no matter how high the performance of your projector, the outputted image can only be as good as the screen that you output it on allows it to be
  • $599.99 Professional ISF/THX professional calibration add-on available (click for more info)

Professional ISF/THX Calibration

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Product Description

This package includes a 8K Reference Ultra Short Throw NanoEdge of your choice coupled with the VAVA Chroma VA-SP003 projector. All of the screens include free LED lighting as well as a 10mm NanoEdge frame, for the perfect visual compliment to suit the absolute best performance materials available today. Better performing materials at a fraction of the price of other high-end screen competitors like Screen Innovations and Da-Lite.

LG CineBeam HU715Q Description:

  • Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
  • Cutting Edge Triple Laser Technology
  • ALPD 4.0
  • MEMC & Gaming Mode
  • Adjustable Projection Size
  • 30W x 2 Harman Kardon Speaker


Reference 8K HDR Ultra Short Throw NanoEdge ambient light-rejecting screen – Full Feature Description: CLICK HERE

Summary Description:

  • Reference 8K Ultra Short Throw Micro Lens System, especially designed for UST projectors
  • superior enhancement of contrast and “image pop” by up to 500%
  • optically engineered ambient light rejecting material means that you can use the screen in high ambient light situations as well as low ambient light situations
  • ultra-slim 0.4” velour-wrapped bezel gives the screen a stylish modern look
  • remote-controlled ambient LED surround lighting in many different colors
  • due to psycho-visual effects and way human vision works, when an image is surrounded with bright light in any colour, the perceived contrast of the image within increases significantly


Our Reference 8K Ultra Short Throw Screen increased the contrast by 500%

Micro lens Technology made sure to filter out up to 80% of the ambient light and reflect only the projector light

LED Surround lighting and ultra thin frame gives more modern look to your living room or home theater room


30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (on
the screen only, not the projector – as there are
hundreds of independent reviews for projectors) – We
Even Pay For Return Shipping.

Bring the Big Screen Home

With the Chroma’s flexible 80”-150” display, you can build a home theater suitable for your space

Cutting Edge Triple Laser TechnologyCutting Edge Triple Laser Technology

ALPD 4.0ALPD 4.0

4K UHD Resolution4K UHD Resolution

MEMC & Gaming ModeMEMC & Gaming Mode

Adjustable Projection SizeAdjustable Projection Size

30W x 2 Harman Kardon Speaker30W x 2 Harman Kardon Speaker

Impeccable 4K Resolution

Featuring true 4K UHD resolution with 8.3 million pixels, powered by Texas Instruments’ XPR technology.

Unparalleled Dynamic Contrast

2200 ANSI lumens means bold images, striking visuals and dynamic contrast.

A New Auditory Experience

Triple Laser Technology and ALPD 4.0

Motion Smoothing Technology


Full 3D Capability

Built-in Alexa

Complete Connectivity


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