Professional ISF & THX Video Calibration

You’ve spent countless hours selecting your projector based on reading reviews and manufacturer specifications. Your efforts earned your purchase of the best video projector for your home theatre. While all of specifications looked good on paper, most consumers don’t know that the correct picture quality isn’t being displayed on the screen. All of that time and effort researching for the best picture based on specifications has gone to waste once the projector has been installed. The projected image is not the original intent of the movie or TV program – and projector brands have it done purposely! The projector you own is capable of much more. Video calibration is the only means to correct the wrongs set by each projector manufacturer and deliver the image intended by the filmmakers!





What are some flaws experienced on screens that are not up to Reference Standards?

What is Video Calibration?

Using specialized tools such as a spectroradiometer and a video pattern generator, our ISF/THX-certified video calibrator sets the all-important controls that are found on every video display under the “Picture” menu. The adjustments calibrated are, but not limited to, contrast (white level), brightness (black level), grayscale (colour of white), colour, tint, and colour management, sharpness, gamma, and video processing.

Reasons for Calibration

  • With current HDR content, the colour matching between sources is completely incorrect, and therefore to get proper HDR colours, a calibration is required
  • Bring the maximum performance and colour accuracy from your projector
  • Match your screen and projector perfectly to each other in terms of colour and reproduction
  • Accurate colours means the maximum fidelity and naturalness to the image

A projector brand will never refer to screen pairing. They don’t want to take the focus off of selling their projectors. That’s why most people overlook the importance and effect of the projection screen on overall picture quality. The screen is what reproduces every pixel, colour, and last bit of detail from the projector. It reflects the light from your projector to your eyes. Without the screen, the projector is just a box throwing light. The reflective surface of the screen radically affects the final image. Every screen has a design purpose based on gain, optical coating, and material used. Projectors are calibrated to the specific screen material used. If you desire exceptional image quality, don’t overlook the calibration process of adjusting your projector to the screen surface you chose. Only calibrated projectors display very accurate images on white based-screens. The further the screen is from white, the more extreme calibration is needed. Dark tinted screens (gray/silver/black) reject the most ambient light but radically change white and colour reproduction. The projector needs to be calibrated to the screen to compensate for that tint so it looks correct to your eyes while following the standards.

The Eastporters Audio Video Advantage

If purchasing the projector and screen from us, we provide top-tier ISF calibration in our calibration labs and will ship the projector calibrated to your specific screen. Our 10 year calibration veteran utilizes $25,000 worth of measurement tools to meticulously set the projector’s grayscale, gamma, and colour. An alternative ISF/THX in-home service is available to our clients from Niagara, Greater Hamilton, and GTA. Simply choose the option you want in our store.