100″ EluneVision Reference Evo 8K Tab-Tensioned In-Ceiling Screen – 1.0 Gain

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  • If you feel this screen is not as good or better than multiple times more expensive Da-Lite JKP Affinity and other high-end screens, return it for a full refund
  • absolutely no hot spotting or texturing
  • no drywall patching required, saving lots of time and money on installation
  • perfectly smooth screen surface means no integrity and resolution of 1080P, 4K and 8K 2D and 3D images is lost
  • excellent white field uniformity with perfect colour accuracy

Product Description

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8K EVO Projection – Enhanced Video & Optics

Specifically designed to work with the latest 1080p, 4K and 8K projectors, the Reference 8K EVO was engineered to make the most out of your movies by enhancing colors and delivering perfect pixel accuracy.

A material comprising multiple layers of excellence, the EVO 8K provides even light diffusion for perfect image viewing from all angles along with a completely neutral white balance for picture-perfect color reproduction.

Reference 8K EVO gives you 500% more contrast than regular screens

If you have already spent thousands of dollars on a 8K projector, why not get the premier 8K projection screen on the market to get the ultimate experience for your home. With perfect color reproduction and a wide range of viewing angles, and producing higher contrast allowing you to bring your home theater to the next level!

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Below is a short description of the features of this screen. To gain a full appreciation of the screen with a full/detailed description of the countless features of this screen, click on the link above.

  • If you feel this screen is not as good or better than the multiple times more expensive Stewart’s Studiotek 100, Da-Lite JKP Affinity or other high-end materials, return it for a full refund
  • no compromise concealed screen solution – trim integrates seamlessly any home theater/office ceiling
  • screen is designed with ease of installation in mind – no drywall patching required, saving time and money on installation
  • removable end covers allow for bolting the screen in place, and covering up the hole by closing the plastic covers, with no drywalling necessary
  • multiple screen control options included in the package –  12V Wired Trigger, RF Remote, IR Control, RS-232 Connection
  • tab tensions ensure a perfectly flat screen surface, today and year after year
  • lowest amount of crosstalk for active 3D Projectors due to perfect colour uniformity and detail clarity
  • absolutely no hot spotting or texturing
  • down limit allows you to program the screen to automatically stop unrolling at the precise point you want
  • perfectly smooth screen surface means that no integrity and resolution of 1080P, 4K and 8K 2D or 3D images is lost
  • whereas other screens have texturing and thus effectively down-convert your 1080P projector to a lower resolution, this screen not only maintains 1080P and 4K integrity, but is 8K ready, giving you the best performance, both today and tomorrow
  • helps to minimize viewer fatigue for active 3D projection due to the ability to minimize 3D crosstalk
  • excellent white field uniformity with perfect colour accuracy
  • entirely neutral material colour means no colour shifts are present, eliminating most projection recalibration
  • whisper-quiet motor operation
  • the combination price and maximum luxury
  • the combination of maximum luxury, performance and price means this screen will be unrivalled by tab-tensioned screens of any other brand at even close to this price point
  • 3 year warranty against all manufacturing defects


Performance Equal to the Best

The performance of the Reference EVO 8K series is equal to some of the best purposefully designed HD materials. These include Da-Lite’s100, 130 and other high-end materials. The Reference EVO 8K 100 material is equal to these material in terms of sharpness, resolution, detail clarity, white field uniformity, and viewing angle. The screen also does not suffer any of the drawbacks of lesser-name screens such as graininess, texturing, and hot spotting.

Superior Value

The value of the Reference series is far superior to that of competitors. We offer the same video performance with much greater quality frames for less than a third our performance competitors prices. In terms of value and performance, the Reference line stands alone.

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We Even Pay For Return Shipping.


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