Pioneer PD-10AE Pure Audio CD Player with Silent Drive and 10PPM Precision Dock


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  • Center mounted drive for more rigid platform/less vibration
  • Optimized for CDs, for reliability and low noise
  • Large Capacity EL Transformer
  • AKM 4482VT DAC with a high precision clock pulse
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Product Description

Designed with an emphasis on quick response and an open sound, the PD-10AE Compact Disc Player has one purpose: stunningly accurate audio disc sound reproduction.

Rigid Platform & Less Vibration

The PD-10AE is developed with a center mounted drive to create a more rigid platform and less vibration. Also the base of the CD player is made with a torsion-resistant sheet steel chassis, for a more crisp audio experience.

Optimized for CDs

Not all CD players are created equal, most are often developed for PC or other multimedia uses but not optimized for CDs. That is not the case for the PD-10AE; this CD player was developed especially for reliable, low-noise CD sampling. This ensures the most precise re-creation of the original artist recordings.