Refer a Friend – Get Up to $50 Per Referral

Refer a Friend and get up to $50 Back per Referral ($50 is maximum per referral): In order to encourage our customers to spread the word about our products, we have initiated a referral policy.  We work hard to provide you with the best service and prices, and we know you will let your friends know about the great experience – this is our way of thanking you. If you refer a friend, and they purchase:

Reference Studio 4K Screen or Projector & Reference Studio 4K Screen Package, you get $50
Projector & Elara II/Titan screen, you get $30
Elara II/Titan screen, you get $25
Projector, you get $20
To be eligible, you must be a previous customer who has already bought a screen/projector of equal or greater value than the screen/projector they are purchasing from us.


  1. Post a short, quick, 2-3 sentenace, review of our screens and your experience shopping with us on the following sites:
  2. Refer a friend to purchase any of the above items from us.
  3. Once your friend purchases the items, let us know.
  4. We will verify the referral and refund the appropriate amount from your original order onto your credit card within 30 days.