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Here at Eastporters Audio Video, we believe that the system is more than just a sum of its parts. A good Audio video or Smart Home system must be easy to use like a light switch, reliable and have the capability to be expanded easily in the future as technology changes. A proper infrastructure must be first in place to accommodate for the eventual continual technological progression. A system must work harmoniously together and make your life easier as well as impress.


Home Theater

Eastporters Audio Video specializes in home theater and residential installations for AV. Our goal is to bring the best solutions on the market to our customers and do it at the the most competitive rates possible. We are always looking to lower the cost of bringing high quality, great sounding and looking home theaters to our clients.  Home theaters can now be done on very reasonable budgets and they are affordable by all. We highly recommend you contact us for a quote or check out the rest of our website and you will realize it is now attainable by all.

Distributed Audio

Imagine waking up in the morning and having your favourite music playing in your room.  Modern, simple to use distributed audio system gives the ability to play music in any room of the house as well as outdoors. With simple click of a button on your phone, wall control and iPad, control the song you want to play and where you want to play and at whatever volume. Imagine having all your music stored in one place that is accessible easily at any time.  All this is possible with modern Distributed Audio systems such as Sonos, Helios and Russound.

Smart Home

Home Theater, Distributed Audio System, Lighting, TVs, Alarms, Shades can all be wired into and controlled by central control system such as Elan. Imagine the ability to check your security cameras from anywhere in the world on your phone, the ability to turn on and off your lights and run lighting presets with a click of a button. Control your audio and video with a few swipes of your phone, this total integration is the Smart Home.

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