Speakers & Home Theater Chairs on Clearance

Eastporters.com Speakers & Home Theater Chairs on Clearance

Speakers on Clearance Sale:The following speakers are on clearance sale. These speakers are brand new, in box, never opened.

Klipsch 5650-W II
Klipsch 5650-S II
Klipsch CDT 5800-C II
Klipsch 2502-W-II
Klipsch 6504 L
Klipsch 6502
Klipsch R 1800C
Definitve Tech CS-8040HD
Definitve Tech UIW RLS III
Definitive Tech super cube 400
Definitive Tech super cube 600
Definitive Tech 9040
KEF ci200QL
KEF Q700
KEF Q900
Martin Logan Motion 60XT
Martin Logan Motion 20
Martin Logan 35XT

Elac DC51-BK
Elac DF51-BK
Elac FSU5 -BK
Elac IW-DC51
Elac CC U5
Elac IC-DT61
Elac AS-61RV
Elac AC-61GB
Elac AF-61GW
Elac ABST-101

Home Theater Seating on Clearance Sale:We are selling some chairs that have scratches and dents. They are also brand new, but were damaged during the shipping process. Again, this is different from the speakers being sold above, as the speakers are brand new in box, with no damage.