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  • 6.5 inch in wall
  • Quick install dog ears
  • Colour matching grills
  • Pivoting tweeter
  • Sold separately
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Product Description

Model KVSW-65
Drivers 6.5″ Woven kevlar electrodynamic woofers
Tweeter 1″ Ferrofluid-cooled silk dome pivoting tweeter
Nominal Impedance
Power Handling 120W
Product Dimensions
(H x W x D)
287mm x 203mm x 85mm
11.31″ x 8″ x 3.38″
Cut-out Dimensions
(H x W)
264mm x 180mm
10.38″ x 7.07″
Mounting Depth 82mm
Net Weight 1.1kg
Frequency Response 45-20,000Hz
Warranty 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Technology Included in the KVSW-65 Speaker

1″ Ferrofluid-Cooled Silk Dome Tweeter

Our Silk Black Carbon soft dome tweeters provide sound with a
startling smoothness, clarity and a seamless transition to
midrange frequencies. They are designed to take wattage and
deliver ultimate sound quality thanks to the internal ferrofluid
cooling design. The ferrofluid inside help to keep the tweeter
cool and operating smoothly without any distortion or
interruption in sound.

Woven Kevlar Driver

Our Kevlar drivers provide a durable, ultra-light yet very rigid
cone to produce clear bass, crisp midrange while the fibers help
to absorb any standing waves remaining in the cone. Due to its
extreme toughness, strength, durability and lightness, kevlar is
used in bullet proof vests. It lends its strengths seamlessly to
provide the best sound from our speakers.

Discrete Components

Discrete components provide clear, non-distorted sound that
typical IC (integrated circuits) can’t provide due in part to
their ability to be less susceptible to electrical interference
and noise. Integrated circuits, by definition, require large
amounts of negative feedback in order to operate, while a
discrete component design can be done with little to no negative
feedback. Having separate components complete its own job for
the speaker will provide the best, distortion-free audio.

Ultra Strong Magnetic Grills

Each speaker uses multiple neodymium magnets to securely hold
the grill to the speaker while allowing them to be removed
without any tools. Using magnets to hold the grills in place
allows us to provide a slimmer grill with a better appearance
and allows the speakers to be installed extremely easily.

Ultra-Thin Bezel Design

Our ultra-thin bezel enables the speaker to offer a minimal
aesthetic impact in your homes décor while providing a modern
design. The thin bezel will also give the ability the squeeze
the largest speaker possible into your home, giving you the best
possible sound.

High Tension Low Resistance Binding Posts

Our high tension, low resistance, spring loaded binding posts
provide a secure connection for bare wire while keeping the
resistance as low as possible to give you the clear
non-distorted sound you demand. Using such strong and high
tensioned binding posts will grip and hold your speaker wire
securely, helping ensure that you will have trouble-free
performance for the life of your audio system.

Pivoting Tweeter

To accommodate differentials in speaker mounting heights, our
in-wall and LCR speakers have a pivoting tweeter. This means no
matter the distance from the floor, walls or screen you will
have perfect, matched crystal clear imaging. The ability to aim
the tweeter at the listening position is key. It gives you the
ability to customize your install, in order to provide the best
possible sound.

Dedicated Boundary Compensation Switch

Our Boundary compensation control switch allows you to fine tune
the speakers performance after installation. Due to the design
of homes often in-wall speakers can’t be placed in an absolutely
ideal location. Whether this mean to close too a side wall, the
ceiling or the floor. The boundary compensation switches allow
you to fine tune your speakers for optimal performance, for any

Round and Square Grills Standard

Our in-ceiling speakers come standard with both round and square
grill options in each box. You can quickly swap grills in your
room, and stick with the preferred choice, never having to
second guess whether you should have chosen a different style.

Discrete Floating Tweeter Design

Using a discrete floating tweeter instead of a typical coaxial
design allows the tweeter to have an ideal backing for correctly
tuned high frequencies. This also allows the midrange driver to
perform undisturbed to give you deeper bass, higher db level and
more accurate response.

Colour Matching Grills

To allow the speakers to fit seamlessly with any room décor, the
user can paint the grills any colour. No longer do you have to
choose between speakers that fit your colour scheme and those
that perform to the highest user expectations.

Butyl Rubber Surrounds

Butyl rubber surrounds will not dry rot like typical foam
surrounds. Using rubber instead of foam will allow the speaker
to give you accurate detailed music for the life of the speaker.

Discrete Crossovers

The crossover is the first point of passage for a signal coming
into a speaker. The crossover is as important as tweeter, woofer
and cabinet design. Our passive crossovers use high quality
capacitors, inductors and resistors to take in the account for
the speakers abilities a divide them up properly to allow each
component to excel properly and give you the accurate precise
audio you expect.

Quick Install Dog-Ears

The dog-ears offer a quick and simple installation that provide
a resonance free install. Simply slide the speaker into the wall
and turn each of the dog ear brackets until they securely clamp
the speaker to the drywall. Using dog ears is one of the
easiest, quickest and most secure ways to install an in-wall
speaker. Its simplistic and secure design is used for all of our

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