EluneVision Reference AudioWeave 4K Fixed-Frame Screens

EluneVision Reference AudioWeave 4K Fixed-Frame Screens

Independent Reference Studio 4K Screen Reviews: Click here to get independent reviews of our screens. We think there is no beating the Reference Studio 4K’s combination of performance and price – see what videophiles and professional reviewers have to say

Ultra High Performance/Longevity

  • As close to a perfect screen material as possible in terms of the most important screen performance metrics (texturing, hot-spotting, color accuracy, etc).
  • will maximize the performance of your projector 1080p projector today, whereas typically screens effectively lower your projector’s resolution due to texturing on the material.
  • virtually no texturing means it will maximize performance on any future projector upgrades (4000×2000 pixel resolution and higher) in the next 10-15 years, making it the best “bang for the buck”.
  • high feature set (i.e. thicker 5″ frames, wireless trigger) for a more luxurious home theater setup.
  • guaranteed better price/performance screen in its price range or your money back.