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Fortunately for me, I found

Having decided to turn my basement into an old-fashioned theater-type room, I knew I was going to spend a lot of money to make the room just right. Fortunately for me, I found In talking to the gentleman on the phone, I outlined exactly what I wanted to do with my room, and he patiently explained all of the different projector related options I had for my purchase. I purchased the projector, ceiling mount, screen as well as cables from them.

On top of the fabulous prices that they already had, I also got a bunch of discounts for bundling all of the projector and items together, and some extra savings on top of that because I was purchasing 15 cables in total. The home theater room is finally complete, and I’m happy to report that Eastporters did their part in making the projector & projector accessory purchase a breeze! I’m always happy to tell all my visiting friends about the excellent quality, price and service they have.

(5/5 stars)

- Howard T., Ottawa, Ontario

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