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RPM Technologies

One of the employees of the client originally purchased his home theater equipment from us. He then recommended his employers to us. The issue is the old setup was that the resolution was too low. RPM Technologies frequently displayed large excel documents and they found their XGA projector that they were just recommended by their IT supplier just was not up to the task. To remedy this situation, we did an on-site consultation and provided a solution that would address their issues of detail and brightness. Furthermore, we were able to use their existing projector in another boardroom and install it with a projection screen and provide a full connectivity solution.

In short, we were able to provide:

  1. Bright Epson G6450WU Full HD projector
  2. New Onkyo Receiver that resolved issue of old receiver and cleaned up wiring
  3. Installed new projector mound and updated cable to new HDMI standard
  4. Used current projector to setup another boardroom cost effectively
  5. Installed Bright and HD EluneVision Fixed Frame projection screen
  6. Installed new boardroom flush Table Flip Open connectivity box with HDMI, SVGA and Power
  7. Provided very cost effective wall control panel based automation to turn on and off system and switch inputs

- RPM Technologies, Toronto, Ontario

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