Valencia Piacenza Motorized Seating – Top Grain Leather

5 out of 5 Valencia Piacenza Motorized Seating – Top Grain Leather
(14 reviews)

$4,499.99 $2,399.99

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  • Ergonomically designed and completely-adjustable powered recline seating position
  • LED cupholders and base ambient lighting
  • Storage compartment in every arm, optional tray tables
  • Wall-hugging design
  • Free Delivery is available in most areas within Canada
Fixed Headrest
Motorized Adjustable
Row of 2
Row of 3 (+$1,199.99)
Row of 4 (+$2,399.98)
Row of 5 (+$3,599.97)
Row of 2 (+$300.00)
Row of 3 (+$1,649.99)
Row of 4 (+$2,999.98)
Row of 5 (+$4,349.97)
Row of 2
Row of 2 Loveseat
Row of 2
Row of 2 Loveseat
Loveseat Left
Loveseat Right
Loveseat Left
Loveseat Right
Loveseat Left
Loveseat Right
Loveseat Center
Loveseat Left
Loveseat Right
Loveseat Center
Loveseat Left
Loveseat Right
Loveseat Left
Loveseat Right
The 3 in 1 Accessory Kit comes with 1 Tray Table, 1 Tablet Holder and 1 Wine Glass Holder
Free Delivery – In major metropolitan areas, free delivery includes drop off seating in first dry area of the property (Garage, Porch, etc). In rural areas, curb side delivery will be used.
White Glove Delivery includes in-home delivery, install of the products and also removal of all packing materials. However, removal of old/used items is not included. Upon delivery, please inspect your item. White Glove Delivery Service is available in most areas within Canada
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Product Description

Valencia Piacenza motorized seats are designed by the best Italian furniture craftsman and use the best top grain 9000 leather, excellent ergonomics and motorized adjustments,and are outfitted with heavy duty, reliable motors.The wider armrest design of the Piacenza adds to the luxurious look in addition to providing more comfort and extra storage space.

Whether you’re looking to put these seats in your living room or use as home theater seating with your projector, Valencia offers you to bask in the luxury and comfort for years to come.



Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating 9000 Leather
Top Grain 9000 Leather

Premium top grain 9000 leather on seating and armrest surfaces. Soft, smooth, supple and durable.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating USB Charging and Powered Controls With Headrest
USB Charging and Powered Controls
(Motorized Headrest Adjustment Option)

USB port allows for convenient charging of electronics at your seat, while powered controls allow you to fine-tune your powered recline and headrest position. A reset button returns the seat to its original position.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating USB Charging and Powered Controls
USB Charging and Powered Controls
(No Headrest Adjustment Option)

USB port allows for convenient charging of electronics at your seat, while powered controls allow you to fine-tune your powered recline position.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating Adjustable Powered Recline Position
Adjustable Powered Recline Position

Quiet and smooth motor allows for silent reclining experience while allowing you to adjust the seat to your preferred recline angles.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating Adjustable Powered Headrest Position
Adjustable Powered Headrest (Optional)

Valencia Piacenza luxury power recliners optionally come with powered headrest adjustability, allowing for the most comfortable head/neck position for viewing as you recline the seat.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating Ambient Base Lighting
Ambient Base Lighting

LED ambient base light (with on/off touch controls at your fingertip) creates a home theater environment that lets you enjoy your movie night.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating Sleek LED Cup Holder
Sleek LED Cup Holder

The cup holders features sleek and discrete LEDs (with on/off touch controls at your fingertip). See your drinks in the dark, without affecting the theater viewing experience.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating Hidden Storage in Every Seat Arm
Hidden Storage in Every Seat Arm

Each arm has a storage compartment, allowing for easy storage of personal items, allowing them to be out of sight but always within reach.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating Wall-Hugging Design
Wall-Hugging Design

Never waste an inch of space! Engineered to make the most out of any space while providing an expansive feeling, even when fully reclined! Seats can be placed as close as five inches.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating Tray Table Accessory
Tray Table Accessory

Whether it’s chips and dip or a beef wellington, Valencia’s tray tables allow you to hold all your necessities on a sturdy, even surface.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating Tablet Holder Accessory
Tablet Holder Accessory

Always conveniently keep your tablet at your fingertips, securely and conveniently.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating Wine Caddy Accessory
Tablet Wine Caddy Accessory

Conveniently hold your wine glass with this elegant stainless steel wine glass caddy. This very stable wine glass caddy will prvent your wine from spilling and hold wine glass of practicaly any size.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating High Resilliency Seating Foam
High Resilliency Seating Foam

High quality, high resiliency foam in the seat cushion is designed to be comfortable yet ergonomic, maximizing the enjoyment of your theater while minimizing fatigue.

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating Canadian Warranty Advantage
3 Year Pro-Rated Canadian Warranty

Having a Canadian warranty means no suprises in having to potentially spend thousands of dollars to ship your product to the USA for warranty purposes.


14 reviews for Valencia Piacenza Motorized Seating – Top Grain Leather

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kyle Russo

    A little over a year ago I purchased 3 Home theater chairs and some accessories from Eastporters and everything went extremely smooth. I needed one more chair so I called and spoke to Agapé in the sales department. She was very knowledgeable and was a pleasure to deal with. She made my transaction quick and even better than last time I had dealt with them!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Bhavik Patel

    Just bought home theater seating. Simply one of the best customer services I have experience. Thank you Agape for guiding me and my wife throughout whole perchance and making the process smooth. One of the best place to purchase any home theater related products.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Matt McCallum

    I ordered a home theatre recliner couch which arrived in great time after ordering. I had some questions about how to set it up and Peter was very helpful and helped me to set up the couch over the phone. The couch looks great, thanks!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Kenneth Whitlock

    LOOK NO FURTHER FOR YOUR HOME THEATRE - Shopping Experience 10/10 - We have been thinking of finishing our basement and turning one of the corners into a home theatre for a while. We finally decided to get the whole process started in October. A friend that had his home theatre done by Eastporters recommended them, so we decided to give them a try. As both me and my wife were new to the home theatre stuff, we had been asking tons of questions and going back and forth with our choices quite a few times. Dave, their sales manager I believe, was patient, helpful and highly informative during the whole process. It took us two trips to finally nail every detail down. The first trip we didn’t have all the measurements needed for him to make an accurate quote, so he walked us through their two showrooms, showed us some projectors, screens and the sound system, sort of like a Home Theatre 101, but for free. The man is apparently an expert in his field. He asked us for a budget range and started to put up options for us right on top of his head. The good the bad the common tricks home theatre venders use to rip off newbies like us. Before we left, Dave gave us a list of measurements needed to be done for him to arrange the surround sound. The second trip was a smoother sail. We got all the measurements they needed, and Dave went through every detail of the project and gave us an amazing price. We placed order and scheduled installation right after. The whole process was very pleasant and “newbie friendly”. The sales rep was patient, informative, honest and not pushy at all. We took our time to make the decision and they were there the whole time super helpful. I’m not just talking about the 4, 5, 6 hours spent in their showrooms, but also the countless emails we had been exchanging. Installation/Build Quality 10/10 At the beginning, I was thinking no way they can finish the whole setup in an afternoon. But the reality is, they did it in 5 hours. 8 chairs, projector, screen, sound system, programming, all of these. The installers were surprisingly good for their craftsmanship considering the speed they were going. Right after they walked out of our house, we popped in the disk and were watching movie already. Everything was properly set up and ready to go. I gave it a few months before I’m finally here to share the experience. All the electronics are working exactly as Dave said they would be, the Valencia chairs are beyond comfortable, and now we are happier than ever. Overall 10/10 - Professional and knowledgeable sales - Amazing price - Wide variety of products - Nice and helpful customer service

  5. 5 out of 5

    Kelly Mcaloney

    Well after a horrible experience trying to buy theatre chairs from another company, I by chance ran into eastporters, and I’m glad I did! Not only did I get a what I was looking for, but it was literally hassle free!! I’m big on customer service, and Agape(sales representative) did not disappoint! She answered every question and concern in a timely manner, and seven days later, 1100 miles away, my chairs arrived, the boxes looked a little rough, but everything is in excellent shape!! And working! So far I am very impressed with the seats, and more importantly, the service!! I will definitely be back!! EDIT- close to a year old, use them often, haven't had 1 issue. Love them!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Dave Horlick

    I have recently made two purchases from Eastporters, the first for Valencia Piacenza theatre seating, and the second for some Valencia head pillows to go with the theatre seating. On both occasions the purchase process was seamless, and the staff at Eastporters were very courteous and professional. Items were shipped in an expeditious manner, and the white glove delivery service for the theatre seating exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for quality items, competitive prices and impeccable service, I recommend Eastporters Audio Video.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Ben Thomas

    I just picked up some awesome seats from here. I ended up going with the Piacenza and couldn't be happier, Chris was my sales associate and could not have been more patient during my many questions. I definitely recommend purchasing from here

  8. 5 out of 5

    Michael Tanner

    The seats are so comfortable and versatile. We went with a 4 seat love-seat in the front row, and 4 individual seats in the back-row. We absolutely love the tray-tables and the LED lighting as well, it really adds to the luxury of the seats. Of course, the leather and the seating experience is second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone, and I have referred a few people to Eastporters for the Valencia seats - best service in the country for sure!

  9. 5 out of 5

    Troy Jamison

    Beautiful seats! Valencia really pays attention to the details - the leather is top notch, LEDs for the cupholders look super-sleek, and the electronically controlled recline and head-rest mean your experiece will be perfect, just the way you personally want everything configured.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Tony Spartan

    Going to keep it short - the seats are a complete 10/10 when it comes to quality and comfort. I also want to thank the Eastporters team - I don't ever buy furniture online, so I had a whooole lot of questions in multiple phone calls. They were very patient and answered each of my questions fully. Wonderful experience with both Eastporters and Valencia seats.

  11. 5 out of 5


    Purchased two Valencia Piacenza chairs yesterday. The chairs are roomy and comfortable and the price was the best I could find. They have all the features I need to relax and watch a movie. The staff at Eastporters was extremely friendly, and knowledgable and able to answer all of our questions. Looking forward to the delivery of our chairs to finish off our Home Theater.

  12. 5 out of 5

    Penelope H

    I bought these seats for my husband's 40th birthday. At first I was a bit nervous given that I was not able to sit in them, but from all the reviews it sure seemed like I couldn't go wrong with Valencia. My husband couldn't be more happier with the present, and I can honestly say that I am extremely happy we went with Eastporters/Valencia - the seats that I had seen/tested locally are not even in the same league with the leather quality, comfort and the electronic features that come with these seats. All of this is on top of the fact that I am not just comparing similarly priced chairs, but I've also sat on chairs that were 2-3x more expensive, and all of the above was still the case! If you are looking for home theater seats, do yourselves a favour and order some Valencia seats!

  13. 5 out of 5

    Cohen Robinson

    I bought two rows of Valencia Piacenza seats for our home theater. They looked very comfortable, luxurious with the extra wide arms, and from everything I heard, they were excellent quality. Boy, it's been a few weeks now, and I can't be happier with every aspect of these seats. The whole family was giddy at how comfortable the experience has been. Watching movies or a hockey game will never be the same again - and I'm not so sure I'll want to do it anywhere where they don't have these seats. 5/5 stars.

  14. 5 out of 5

    Kajal Sharma

    I bought a row of three of these seats with a home theater package, and we are loving every minute of our movie-watching experience! The seats are unbelievably comfortable and can be adjusted individually. The tray-tables are also very cool for when anyone in the family gets the munchies during a movie!

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Valencia Piacenza motorized seats are designed by the best Italian furniture craftsman and use the best Italian top grain leather to create seating that is both luxurious and comfortable. The chairs are ergonomically designed taking into account that natural posture of the human back. This means that the chairs are extremely comfortable for hours of relaxation, while watching your favourite movies or playing your favourite games.





Material: Top Grain Leather 9000
Piacenza home theater seats feature Top Grain Grade 9000 leather. This means that only top grain leather is used for seating surface, armrest, and neck pillows. The leather is chosen from the top 20% of raw cow hide as only a small portion can be used and classify as Grade 9000 leather. The end product is a leather that is luxurious, supple and yet incredibility durable and easy to maintain. Only Grade 9000 genuine top grain leather will deliver the performance, comfort and luxury for years to come in your theater.


Valencia Cinema Series Pro-rated Warranty
Valencia Home Theater Seating Cinema Series come with a 3 year pro-rated warranty, where we go above and beyond our competition by covering the shipping back to you for free. These are two extremely important distinctions, as many customers are surprised to find out that:

please click here for more information about our pro-rated warranty


With most seating companies being U.S. based, the customer is fully responsible to pay for international shipping of the seat to the U.S. for repairs, and the customer is fully responsible to pay international shipping of the seat back to Canada after it has been repaired. This is numerous times more expensive than shipping the seat to Canada, and is generally almost as expensive as simply buying a new seat. As a Canadian resident, you essentially have no warranty in this scenario.
the vast majority of Canadian seating companies do not cover shipping back to the customer for free. We cover the full cost of shipping back to the customer, making our warranty the best in the business.