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Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish

The client contacted us about installing two projection systems in their church. One system is for the sanctuary space, while the other one is for the hall. The space in the hall is very large, with over 100’ in length and 50’ in width. We recommended a 200” 16:9 EluneVision Large Motorized screen and a very bright 6000 Lumen Epson G6750 projector with short throw lens. For the Sanctuary, a smaller 165” diagonal screen was required, so we decided to go with BenQ SH910 projector which has 4000 Lumens of brightness and 1080p resolution. For all installs, we are recommending Full HD resolution for maximum clarity, detail and future proofing. All systems come with simple to use control system that allows church staff to quickly get the picture going with very little experience necessary.

- Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Toronto, Ontario

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